The waiting list for assessment and regular therapy appointments

PLEASE NOTE our waiting list for therapy is currently closed, we hope to re-open to new clients at the end of Feb 2019

Following your assessment appointment if we believe we are in a position to help, we will write or email you to confirm that your name will go on our waiting list along with the times you are available. When an appointment, which meets your needs and matches your availability, becomes free we will write or email you again with the offer of a regular appointment. The regular appointment stays the same every week, takes place on the same weekday, at the same time, with the same therapist.

For obvious reasons we aim to keep the length of wait for assessment appointments and regular (weekly) therapy appointments as short as possible. Nevertheless, the length of time you may wait for a regular therapy appointment - which for individual psychotherapy lasts for fifty minutes - may vary considerably depending on your needs, availability and the length of the waiting list.

Checked/Updated 26th March 2016