Paying for therapy

We offer Individual and Group therapy.  Each of which have different levels of 'Contribution to Therapy' charges and these are all listed below and are based your personal annual income, including any benefits you may receive, after tax.

At present it costs us more than the top contribution level to provide each session of therapy. Our service is supported by the NHS, Charitable Trusts and donations from Churches, groups and individuals, so we are able to offer a sliding scale of charges for the assessment and regualr therapy.

Individual Psychotherapy

The rates below are for the assessment consultation and regular therapy.

We now offer a limited number of appointments on a Wednesday evening between 17:00 and 20:00.  These are classed as prime-time appointments and have a separate sliding scale.


£0 - 6k














These fees may be increased each April in order to keep pace with inflation.

A minimum of £25 is also payable where therapy forms part of the requirements of training.

Financial contributions towards the cost of therapy are made at the first session of each month. Payment can be made either by cheque or cash.  Please note that we are unable to accept debit or credit cards or to give change.

As regular appointments cannot be used for another person, payment is due for each session when the therapist is available. This includes those sessions that clients miss for any reason, whether we are notified beforehand or not.

Checked/Updated  12th Dexcember 2018