The Assessment Appointment

As soon as possible after receiving your completed registration form we will arrange an assessment appointment. The aim of this appointment, which will be up to ninety minutes (1½hrs) long, is for you to come and talk about the problems you are experiencing and discuss how best to help you.

If you have consulted your GP about your current problems we will ask them to fill in a referral form before offering an assessment appointment. Similarly, if you are under the care of the mental health services we require a referral form to be filled in indicating how our help will fit in with your current care plan.

During the assessment appointment, in addition to discussing the problems for which you are seeking help, we also look at a couple of practical things; for example what level of contribution to therapy will you pay and what availability you have for a regular therapy appointment.

Please note, we charge for the assessment session whether or not a person decides to enter therapy. See page 6 of our information booklet for the sliding scale of charges.

Checked/Updated  26th March 2016