Welcome to Share.

We deliver high-quality therapy to adults in the Sheffield area.


Our therapy is low cost, long-term and lasts between 12 and 24 months for each client. We specifically aim to help people who cannot afford, or cannot access, therapy anywhere else.

Share was established in 1967 and has been through several changes since then. It began by providing counselling to young people with drug addiction. In 1975 it became Share Psychotherapy and our original mission statement “to offer psychotherapy at as low a cost as possible to those who are economically disadvantaged or for other reasons cannot obtain such help elsewhere” is still true today.

Our appointments are currently full, but we are accepting applications and these will be kept until a suitable appointment becomes available. 

Due to the high demand on our service and because we offer medium to long term therapy, we would ask that you please accept that there will be a wait, which unfortunately we do not have a timescale of, but is approximately 4 months at least until an assessment. 

We are dedicated to excellence.

Last year we provided nearly 4000 hours of therapy to clients on low incomes, expanded our role as training and learning institution, and greatly increased the number of clients we help.