Our History

53 years ago in 1967, Share began life as the Contact Group Trust. It was formed to help and counsel young people who were struggling with drug-addiction and was held at Potters House Church day centre, in central Sheffield, until 1975. It was then that Share Psychotherapy was formed, with the help of local services.

Between 1976 and 1979 Share Psychotherapy’s work centred on working with patients from Sheffield’s hospitals whose addictions had resulted in them having an overdose.

In 1980 Share started to take referrals for people with mental health issues not related to addiction and also to take applications directly from people wanting our services.

Between 1984 and 1990 our work was further developed by taking on volunteer therapists, and then by starting a four year training program to train new therapists.

From 1990 onwards, the development of psychotherapy as a profession meant that our paid staff needed to be registered and as part of this we did some work on defining our approach to psychotherapy more clearly. We committed to working towards professional standards of excellence in providing therapy and in training.

In September 2005, Share celebrated its 30th birthday, five months after moving from a small terraced house in Crookesmoor Road into a property on Wilkinson Street. 

After just over 10 years of growth in our new property we took on our first full time Clinical Manager in December 2016. We now have around 40 therapists working with us as volunteers or trainees and we provide up to 105 therapy appointments every week.

Who we are

Our trustees:

Alan Phillips (Chair)

David Quinney

Lynn Keirs

Stephen Witt

Vanessa Boddye


Dr Simon Bell – Clinical Manager

Anna Cook – Business Manager

Laura – Office Administrator

Jenny Grant - Cleaner

Who Do We See?

Share Psychotherapy has experience working psychotherapeutically with a wide range of issues including:



anxiety & panic attacks

lack of self esteem

sexual and/or physical abuse





eating disorder


and many other difficulties.

Personal therapy for therapists

For those who are in counselling or psychotherapy training we can offer personal therapy where this is a requirement of their course. The cost for this differs from the sliding scales charges in this booklet and starts at £25 per session and rises to £40. There will be an opportunity to discuss what your level of contribution will be at the assessment appointment. If you are interested in any of these please call the office and talk to one of our clinical staff.