Paying for therapy

We aim to provide therapy at a low cost so that it is accessible to people who have financial difficulties. Our fees are based on your personal income (for you this might be salary, benefits and/or student funding), you can see our fee scale below. 

What do my fees pay for?

Your fees directly support our charity and enable us to continue to deliver our high quality, long-term therapy service in the calm and quiet dedicated therapy centre we currently use. 

Share is a long-standing Sheffield charity providing therapy to those aged 18 and over, including those who are economically disadvantaged or who, for other reasons, cannot obtain such help elsewhere. Our sliding scale of fees ensures that your fee is realistic in relation to your income and is designed to give those on the lowest incomes access to good quality therapy at a fraction of the usual cost. 

Paying one of our higher rates?

For those earning higher incomes we have set our fees close to the market rate for Sheffield. However, your money does much more than buy your own therapy when you register with us. By paying one of our higher fees you are not only receiving a high quality therapeutic experience yourself, but are helping to fund sessions for those on low or no income. All without paying any extra for your therapy!

We have a long-established trusted reputation, specifically within the primary care and GP services, and offer you a quiet, informal atmosphere in our dedicated therapy building on Wilkinson Street.

How can I support Share Psychotherapy?

By registering as one of our clients your fee will contribute to the running of our service. Those paying higher fees help us to subsidise those on low incomes. If you would like to support our service over and above your regular fee you can become a “friend of Share” and either contribute more per session you attend or make one off donations.  Any money we receive really does make a difference to keeping our service going & helping us to continue to contribute to the overall mental health & well-being of the people of Sheffield. 


We offer Individual and Group therapy.  Each of which have different levels of 'Contribution to Therapy' charges and these are all listed below and are based your personal annual income, including any benefits you may receive, after tax.

Individual Psychotherapy

The rates below apply to all assessment appointments and regular weekly therapy appointments.


Group Psychotherapy

The rates below apply to all group assessment appointments and regular weekly group sessions.


These fees may be increased each April in order to keep pace with inflation.

We charge up front at the start of each month for all the sessions in that month and payment can be made either by cash, card or cheque.

We offer all our clients regular appointments, the same time and day each week, and this means that your appointment won’t be used by someone else when you are not there. This means we have to charge for all your appointments, including those sessions that clients miss for any reason, whether we are notified beforehand or not. If your therapist is unable to make the session you will not be charged.