Client Comments

Clients sometimes write to thank us for the help we have offered - here are a few of those comments:

“Now the journey has ended, for now I have become happier in myself, feel more confident and relaxed".

“Therapy has given me a chance to ‘find myself’”

“Therapy has been fantastic!”

“Therapy is challenging & confronting, but I am benefiting from it.”

"'The journey travelled was often painful, having to see things I did not want to see and more importantly, accepting that, that was how it was".

"I feel that using the services & guidance that Share offered has expanded my horizons, taught me new skills, and more importantly expanded my own awareness of my inner self and how I react to situations".

“Lovely building & the therapy rooms are gorgeous".

'The smaller things in life that used to worry me, I no longer get uptight about".

“Share has given me freedom to look at and put away the past where it belongs”.

"I have decided that on the long journey of life this period of reflection has been effective and it is my intention to change certain priorities in my life".

“Share has given me new choices which benefit those around me".

“An excellent service”.

“Therapy is amazingly effective”.

"Therapy helped me to look after myself and to trust and allow other people into my life".

"Life is great, my family are doing well".